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“…Fitzgerald is a strong guitarist who writes songs that melt in your mind not the instant they leave your speakers."
Ron Young ~ It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll

“Fitzgerald’s warm, beautiful voice has bite that is put to full use…when he sings duets with Judi Fitzgerald this record really comes to life.  Their voices blend so well and compliment each other perfectly…very tasty instrumental work throughout…I can’t wait to hear more.”
Howie Klein ~ New Music Review

“…features songs which fuse ‘60s garage rock sounds with modern rock elements. But it is because the songwriting isn’t cliched that this is enjoyable.”
 Brian Gomez ~ Cleveland Scene

“…falls in the mainstream of New Rock...an energetic but controlled style that should be accessible to more than the strict New Wave audience.”
Walter Carter ~ The Tennessean

“…Ed Fitzgerald and cohorts fuse old and new rock sounds neatly, and his singing and dazzle add much to the show.”
Jack Burke ~ The Wax Works

“…turns out moody Doors meet Talking Heads rock.”
Robert Payes ~ Trouser Press

“…a successful blend of many late ‘60s styles brought up to date with just the right touch of modern tech…the songs are interesting…the guitars are innovative and very clean…”
Jeff Bates ~ OP

“…Civic Duty looked and sounded great…performing all the EP material and a half dozen new songs which are easily as strong as those on the record. Long Way To Heaven even sounds like a single, with a great vocal by Judi Fitzgerald.”
Mark Mainwaring ~ Nashville Intelligence Report

“…fits the New Rock mode...but rocks out good enough for any solid Rock lover.”
Robert Oermann ~ The Tennessean

“…onstage, Fitzgerald is totally absorbed in the music…Judi’s strong, yet sensitive voice, moves around Ed’s, complimenting it while standing well on its own…a minimum of stage mannerisms are present; the music speaks for itself.”
Jim Seymour ~ Sidelines

“It’s funny too see critics flounder trying to define this one: everybody for Talking Heads to The Cars. It’s clearly a solid…production, basic honest Rock and Roll.”
Shel Kagan ~ Fortnightly College Radio Report

“Not quite Hard Rock, not quite Progressive Rock. Real fine, clean production, a semi-Lou Reed ambience, and Fitzgerald’s ringing guitar are highlights.”
Jeff Tamarkin ~ Goldmine

“…Civic Duty music doesn’t require a label. Fitzgerald doesn’t want to play ‘trendy’ music. He just wants to write songs people can’t forget.”
Mary Ann Hea ~ Nashville Banner